Neo-Obscurantism is a modern mass cultural phenomenon that can be classified simultaneously as a political ideology, a religious cult and a psychiatric condition.
It can have many different manifestations, but the entirety of them can be derived by 1 single unstated dogma that can be summarized up as follows:
"Mainstream media and news outlets (television, radio, newspapers, etc...) are the ultimate source of knowledge on the world.
Mainstream narrative and factual reality are one and the same."
Neo-Obscurantism can be considered as a modern manifestation of medieval obscurantism with television and newspapers serving as an analogous of the Holy Scriptures and, exactly as its predecessor, it is actively promoted by the ruling elites (governments, corporations, etc...) for the purpose of justifying the continuous disempowerment of people and preventing any real emancipation.

Neo-Obscurantist Ideologies

Exposing the main currents of anti-thought in which Neo-Obscurantism manifests itself.

The ideology based on the dogma that "conspirations are impossible".

The ideology based on the dogma that "science is based on faith".

Neo-Obscurantist Dogmas

Debunking the fake logic at the basis of most neo-obscurantist ideologies.

The dogma stating that "conspirations are impossible because it is impossible to keep so many people quiet for such a long time".

The dogma stating that "what's stated without proofs can be denied without proofs".

The dogma stating that "it takes more energy to debunk a statement than to make it".

The dogma stating that "we should trust the experts because they studied for years".

The dogma stating that "we should care about facts, not opinions".

Psychological Hooks

The psychological footholds exploited by the neo-obscurantist indoctrination tactics.

Thinking on the basis of words and symbols rather than ideas and concepts.

Suppressing thoughts that, if expressed, would not be socially accepted.

Suppressing thoughts that, if true, would entail the subversion of an entire worldview.

Indoctrination Tactics

The various tactics used by neo-obscurantist media in order to suppress rational thought and brainwash people into blindly following authority and institutions.

Repeatedly associate a concept with another unrelated one, in order to "train" people to think the two are related or even equivalent. The same tactic can be used to train people to think two concepts are antagonist or mutually exclusive.

Twisting (or even inverting) the meaning of words in order to manipulate people into taking actions that go against their own ideals and interests.

Arbitrarily altering the definition of a phenomenon by selectively excluding successes and including failures (or vice-versa) in order to keep the narrative intact in spite of any contrary evidence.

Trying to make harmful ideas more acceptable by using terms with a positive connotation / Trying to make beneficial ideas less acceptable by using terms with a negative connotation.

Damaging the reputation of your opponents in order to prevent people from agreeing or supporting with them / Cleaning the reputation of your allies in order to push people to agree and support them.

Using someone's good reputation or visibility to promote harmful ideas in order to whitewash them / Using someone's bad reputation and visibility to promote good ideas in order to blackwash them.

Giving a caricatural representation of your opponents, making fun of their ideas in order to create a "circus" atmosphere around anything concerning them so that people won't ever think about discussing it seriously.

Tie opposing opinions to opposing political stances based on what side is more culturally accepted at the moment: in time when society leans towards more right-wing values, depict them as far-left extremists; in time when society leans towards more left-wing values, depict them as far-right extremists.

Deprive your opponents from the chance of accusing you by accusing them first.

Divide truths and falsehoods into 2 opposing factions in order to promote infighting and prevent dialogue and cooperation.

In times of a huge ideological paradigm shift, manufacture new ideologies/narratives from the elements of the previous ones in such a way to keep the good parts and bad parts mixed together.

Focus attention on an undeniable truth and fallaciously use it as a justification for an unacceptable measure.

Hiding the doctrinal nature of mainstream ideologies by avoiding labeling them, and making up labels for their skeptics instead.

When talking about dissenting views, only mention the informations that suit your narrative (i.e.: that make those views and their supporters look bad) and accurately avoid anything that doesn't go in that direction. Search for easily disproven points and/or blatant mistakes and/or compromising actions or declarations, and never mention actually solid points and good deeds.

Intentionally create a fake or blatantly flawed statement in support of a dissenting view and debunk it in order to destroy the whole subject's credibility; for maximum effect, make it go viral and wait until it has become widespread before debunking it.

Implement a desired agenda avoiding people's rejection by slowly proceeding towards it through small individual steps, which are likely to encounter a way weaker resistence.

Propose an extreme measure that's sure to cause general backlash, then backpedal by changing it to a milder version in order to make it seem reasonable by comparison.

Disseminate your narrative through any possible medium and in any possible aspect of life, in order to make sure it is constantly reinforced into in the minds of people.

Subtly promote your ideas or attack your opponents' ones in an "invisible" way by inserting implicit references in unrelated subjects.

Pretend overconfidence in order to give weak-minded audience the impression that the proposed thesis is so undeniable that no one in their right mind would ever doubt it.

React in an astonished, almost offended way to dissenting views in order to give weak-minded audience the impression that they should feel ashamed about even considering them.

Admitting a part of your wrongdoings in order to calm down your opponents and building an air of honesty.

Depict dissenters and their ideas as somehow "dangerous", in order to push people to hate and discriminate them.

Taunt your opponents and drive them into making a desperate reaction before you do, so they'll put themselves to shame with their own hands.

Manufacturing a fake opposition in order to compete against the real one.