Blackwashing / Whitewashing


Every time someone (be it a single person or a group or people) says something that disproves the mainstream narrative and/or engages in something that might damage the plans of the elites, this is countered by trying to find any kind of "dirt" about him or them; it might be something bad they did, or something wrong they said or some bad people he associates with; since almost everyone has some kind of skeleton in the closet, it is usually not hard to find something; once done, immediately reveal it to the world without even bothering checking the source credibility, and his/their reputation will be irredimably damaged and no one will take their side, even if their sin is completely unrelated to the original issue. If nothing relevant is found, even just mentioning minor compromising details might do the work.


The specular opposite of the above: when someone comes up with something that might help promote the elites' plans and/or the mainstream narrative, make sure to "clean up" any compromising information there might be about him/them; carefully avoid mentioning any wrong deed, claims he might have made, no matter how grave, and cover any connection to dubious organizations he might have had.