Edulcoration / Vilification


When governments or corporations are trying to promote dangerous concepts or policies, they carefully avoid addressing them with any word that might have a negative connotation, preferring instead to use the most positive-sounding terms as possible, in order to neutralize any negative feeling the people might have towards it, or even make it sound like something good for them.
Typical examples:

authoritarianism ==> "civilization"

centralization ==> "union"

control ==> "safety"

dependence ==> "interdependence"

expropriation ==> "sharing"

faith ==> "trust"

imperialism ==> "multiculturalism"

imposition ==> "duty"

intrusion ==> "transparency"

obedience ==> "responibility"

propaganda ==> "information"

technocracy ==> "technology"


Conversely, when they are trying to oppose ideas that might be useful for the people, but not for them, they systematically address them by using the most negative-sounding terms as possible, in order to subconsciously train people to think negatively about them.
Typical examples:

autonomy ==> "selfishness"

criticism ==> "hate-speech"

democracy ==> "populism"

freedom ==> "degeneracy"

indipendence ==> "division"

inquiry ==> "conspirationism"

ownership ==> "greed"

pluralism ==> "disinformation"

right ==> "privilege"

skepticism ==> "negationism"