Truth Shuffling

As explained in "Truth Parting", the establishment needs people to be constantly divided between manufactures ideologies mixing truths with falsehoods in order to keep them from engaging in constructive dialogue toward a complete truth.
However, after a long time of infighting without any actual result, people might start recognizing the fact that the mainstream ideologies are both wrong, and that might be necessary for a completely new paradigm to arise. In these cases, mainstream media can respond to that need by coming up with a new ideology presented as an enlightened "third position" allegedly aiming to reconcile the good aspects of both old ideologies and discarding the bad ones, while in fact doing the exact opposite; people in search of hope and novelty will latch onto the new ideology without carefully analyzing it.
However, this leaves out the good aspects, that might still be recovered and merged into an actually good synthesis.
An even safer response is to manufacture the new ideologies exchanging elements between the older ones in such a way to keep the truths and falsehoods constantly mixed together exactly as they were before the "paradigm shift", but in a completely different combination: since the issues that determine society and the relative possible opinions are countless, there is a virtually infinite possibility of combinations of truth and falsehood, therefore it is always possible to manufacture new ideologies without ever presenting one that is consistently right and empowering; whenever the new paradigm also exhaust its manipulatory power, the same process can still be repeated, and so on ad libitum.