Selective Redefinition

The main job of the mainstream media is to create narratives, and the main way of doing so is by systematically ignoring or denying inconvenient news. However, in some cases, it can happen that some events or findings are so eclatant that they cannot be effectively covered anymore, with the risk of questioning the entire narrative. This can be avoided by redefining the terms that make up the narrative in such a way to selectively remove the inconvenient case. These terms are usually strongly charged words used as "umbrella terms", referring not to their precise definition, but on a loose collection of concepts or phenomenons that the narrative intends to blackwash or whitewash and that can be constantly "updated" in order to keep the narrative intact. Whenever a positive phenomenon happens that would conventionally be cathegorized within the scope of a negatively-charged term (or the other way around), the term is instantly redefined in such a way to selectively keep the new phenomenon away from it.