When the elites intend to achieve a certain goal that, if immediately implemented, would encounter massive resistance from the people, their main strategy is to proceed towards that goal through a multitude of little steps.
Instead of implementing the master plan all at once, at first only a small part of it is tried, often proposed either in an edulcorated form or as a necessary evil, and without ever mentioning its role as a part as a bigger agenda. This will make it way easier to be accepted by the people compared to the whole thing.
Once the first step is implemented, some time is waited in order for public opinion to "acclimatize" to the new situation until it is now accepted as normal; at this point any new part of the process will be judged by comparing it to the new situation instead of the starting one, and therefore will still be accepted just as easily as the first one, guaranteeing that the same process can be repeated indefinitely until the whole agenda is achieved.